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Celebrating the "Heart" of Our Industry


"The pump is the heart of industry" is more than metaphor. Without these innovative machines—and the brilliant designers, engineers and end users who interact with them—modern manufacturing as we know it would cease to exist. The importance of this technology has created a close-knit community of forward-thinking individuals who are always seeking the next step in efficiency and performance. The team at Pumps & Systems is proud to serve this industry and honor its contributions during Pump Appreciation Day, celebrated April 14, 2015. ITT Goulds Pumps, a longtime partner of Pumps & Systems, sponsors this event to raise awareness both for our industry and another important topic—heart health in the United States. Just as pumps deliver much-needed materials to all aspects of a facility, the heart provides the body with the very force of life itself. Yet heart disease and stroke remain leading causes of death among Americans. Just as we honor and respect the history and innovation of the technology that brings our community together, we must also work to raise awareness of this health issue.To learn more or donate, please consider visiting the American Heart Association by clicking here.

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